Frequently Asked Questions

Will GenerationOne spam me with messages that hike my phone bill?

GenerationOne sends only messages that are part of your individualized program to improve your health. You will never receive advertising or other spam on your phone from GenerationOne. Most mobile phone companies today offer plans with unlimited texts and generous data usage. mHealth ConnectTM from GenerationOne uses very little data. This communication service between you and your case manager or physician is easily incorporated in your normal package of mobile phone service.

Who can see the readings and other health data I enter into my phone?

Your data is encrypted and password-protected and can be viewed only by your case manager, clinical staff and you. Approved caregivers have access to a GenerationOne clinical dashboard, where they can view all of your responses and interactions with mHealth Connect. This allows case managers the ability to spot trends or issues they need to consider to keep you healthy. You can view the same information through an online portal to track how well you are progressing toward reaching your health goals.

If I’m having a medical problem, do I have to wait for mHealth Connect to contact me before I can get help?

No. You are encouraged to contact your physician or other health provider at any time, just as you always have. A benefit of mHealth Connect, however, is that often it can indicate trends that need attention even before you realize something is wrong. Based on your responses to questions you receive on your phone, mHealth Connect may automatically send notifications to your care team, chronic-care nurse, health coach or physician.

How do I know that the standardized messages and instructions mHealth Connect provides actually apply to my current condition?

mHealth Connect messages are not standardized. In fact, they are personalized by your care manager to reflect your specific condition, treatment plan, medical history and health status. mHealth Connect also “connects the dots” from one response to the next so your caregivers can determine the advice or care you need at any point in time. You receive the right information at the right time for the best results.

Is my medical data safe and secure?

Absolutely. Our servers are hosted with controls that meet or exceed HIPAA guidelines. We host each client on a separate server. Our robust application security model prevents any unauthorized individual from accessing your data. We encrypt all communications. We allow access only with a valid username and password combination, which is encrypted while in transmission.