The Participant’s Perspective

Simple, Convenient Communications Create Healthier Participants

Individuals who use mHealth Connect whether medical patients or participants in a wellness campaign, quickly comprehend the technology’s ease of use and its value in helping them meet their personal goals.

A patient with diabetes, for example, may have had difficulty in remembering to check her blood sugar or in recognizing symptoms that need attention. Because she always has her smartphone in her handbag or on her nightstand, however, she now can rely on mHealth Connect for reminders to do a morning finger-stick test or to take her medications.

When she turns to her smartphone screen to enter readings or to tap on answers to multiple-choice or yes/no questions that are customized especially for her condition, she receives advice on steps to take and encouragement when her responses indicate she has remained compliant with her health plan.

If her responses suggest caregiver action may be necessary, mHealth Connect can send an alert to her case manager and/or and physician by email, text or fax and will notify her that she will be contacted by a caregiver.

Likewise, participants with only a landline can receive reminders and advice and respond to questions verbally via the GenerationOne interactive voice response system.

Each patient can track her progress and see every message, response, trigger and alert through her own online portal, and her doctor can access the same information through a clinician dashboard.

Participants sleep better when they know that mHealth Connect—and better healthcare results—are at their fingertips.