Improve communication between plan participants and health care managers.

Learn how mHealth Connect works

Modify participant behavior and support health management and wellness programs.

Learn how mHealth Connect helps

Increase efficiencies, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

Learn how mHealth Connect benefits you

Improve compliance and increase revenue.

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What Is mHealth Connect from GenerationOne?

mHealth Connect is a mobile-health service that enables communications between participants and care managers via their mobile device.

How does mHealth Connect apply to my care management goals?

mHealth Connect is a flexible service that helps to modify participant behavior and support current health management and wellness programs.

How will mHealth Connect benefit my organization and participants?

mHealth Connect improves outcomes and efficiencies for managing any condition by improving compliance to prescribed regimens, thereby reducing costs.

  • “GenerationOne is like a clinician extender. I only reach out to those who need my care.”– Clinician
  • “I’ve had diabetes for 10 years and didn’t really understand how to control it or how it affected me, until I used mHealth Connect.”– Participant
  • “It’s like having a nurse on my shoulder.”– Participant
  • “Great program! You guys saved my life! Thank you!”– Participant
  • “There is increased perception that the staff cares for participants’ wellbeing.”– Participant