The Benefits of mHealth Connect

mHealth Connect merges effective behavioral techniques with mobile technology that is tailored to match a wide variety of clinical workflows. Combining human response with technological flexibility enables mHealth Connect to achieve sustainable compliance and adherence impact.

  • Supports improved outcomes and efficiencies for management of any disease, condition or campaign
  • A mobile solution, enabling engagement anytime, anywhere
  • Works on any phone, whether wireless or landline
  • Applicable to participants of any age
  • Reaches a very broad group of participants while maintaining personalized one-to-one contact
  • Enables timely monitoring of health status
  • Provides a clinician dashboard and participant portal for recognizing trends in patient conditions
  • Delivers ongoing support with a group of experts who team with clients to develop and deploy programs
  • Effectively identifies participants who need the most attention and time from care managers, thereby allowing managers to serve a larger group of participants efficiently