The Impact of mHealth Connect

mHealth Connect has been enthusiastically received by participants, disease and population health management organizations and healthcare providers.

  • mHealth Connect has the ability to improve the lives of participants by making it easier and more convenient for them to maintain their health regimens.
  • At the same time, health plans can benefit from fewer participant hospitalizations, re-hospitalizations and emergencies, since participants do a better job of managing their conditions. The results can be lower costs and higher rates of success.
  • Care managers also become more efficient, because mHealth Connect carries out much of the participant contact they otherwise would need to perform themselves. Consequently, they can concentrate their efforts on those participants who need the most help at any point in time.
  • Health coaches can reach a broad-based community of participants with reminders, alerts and data, far more individuals than they could touch effectively on their own.
  • Wellness campaigns become more effective because managers have consistent and timely touchpoints with all participants.

Program Highlights

While details of client programs are confidential, GenerationOne is able to report on trends emerging from applying its technology to varied conditions and campaigns.

At a high level:

  • Participants’ behavior was positively changed to better comply with self-monitoring.
  • Significantly more participants have taken their medications as directed while using mHealth Connect.
  • Participants have said they are able to deal more effectively with their daily medical problems.
  • Participants report that they like the services at their physician office substantially more after participating in the program.
  • GenerationOne participants perceive that the medical staff is more fully engaged in their wellbeing.

More specifically:

  • Programs have demonstrated the ability to help participants attain their clinically desired goals when using mHealth Connect.
  • In situations where participants received regular reminders to provide data on their conditions, supplemented by self-care tips, participants reported a new level of self-empowerment and high satisfaction with the system.
  • Institutions using mHealth Connect expressed interest in expanding their use of the technology to more participants and conditions.