Why Choose mHealth Connect?

mHealth Connect is more comprehensive, more flexible, more convenient and more timely than any other mobile engagement technology. It has been built directly in response to the needs and protocols of insurance carriers, business owners, caregivers and participants. Its benefits are designed to help generate healthier living and more efficient health management.

Six Ways mHealth Connect Improves Care Management

  1. Incorporates behavioral design principles for sustainable behavior changes
  2. Manages any disease, condition or campaign, unlike any other health engagement platform
  3. Increases the frequency of contact with participants
  4. Enables care managers to reach out to a much broader participant base, since routine communications are automated
  5. Dramatically increases efficiency by enabling care managers and clinicians to focus their efforts on participants who need the most attention
  6. Supports medication adherence while reducing appointment no-shows, ER visits, hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations

Nine Ways mHealth Connect Is Unique

  1. Is built on market needs and established workflows, recognizing the way case managers and caregivers view their activities
  2. Can be applied to any condition or campaign
  3. Does not rely on the participant using a device in the home
  4. Can work on any phone, whether mobile or landline
  5. Enables participants to use only the phones that they carry with them every day
  6. Provides quick response, with real-time monitoring of health status
  7. Is tailored to individual participant cohorts, with branching logic that ensures the right message, at the right time to the right participant
  8. Can serve as a standalone technology that may be implemented without IT integration
  9. Offers an expert team to walk with GenerationOne clients from day one